We are a code of ethics Rottweiler breeder in Vacaville, California. We sell Rottweilers in California, Rottweilers in Oregon, Rottweilers in Sacramento, Rottweilers in Sacramento, Rottweilers in Fairfield, Rottweilers in the Bay Area, Rottweilers in Northern California, Rottweilers in Southern California. We also breed Rottweiler puppies in Vacaville, Rottweiler puppies in Sacramento, Rottweiler puppies in northern California, Rottweiler puppies in Southern California, Rottweiler puppies in Fairfield. We are one of the few Rottweiler breeders in Vacaville and one a few Rottweiler breeders in California that offer a health guarantee for two years. Being a rottweiler breeder in Vacaville or shall I say a Rottweiler breeder in California comes with a lot of responsibility . We take being a Rottweiler breeder in California very seriously with great pride. Because of this I feel confident in our Rottweiler breeding program and believe we are the premier Rottweiler breeder in Northern California.

Over the years we have made many friends with Rottweiler breeders in sacramento, Rottweiler breeders in the Bay Area, Rottweiler breeds in Northern California, and Rottweiler breeders in Southern California. 

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We are an ethical Rottweiler Breeder in California.  We pride ourselves on breeding only top quality Rottweiler puppies, not only in confirmation but also in temperament. We are one of few Rottweiler Breeders in California that offer a health guarantee for all of our Rottweiler puppies for the first two years of life.
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We sell Rottweiler puppies in California and we sell Rottweiler puppies in Sacramento, We sell Rottweiler puppies in the Bay Area, We are a Rottweiler Breeder in California. We have beautiful Rottweiler puppies in California. We have been breeding Rottweiler puppies in California for 20 years . Our Rottweiler Puppies are full German Rottweiler puppies. Why us? We offer a health guarantee on all our rottweiler Puppies in California. No other Rottweiler breeder in California can offer the guarantee we offer, we are the #1 Rottweiler Breeder in Vacaville, California.