About us:

My name is John Hulsey and together with my wife Brandi we own and operate Van Dooren Rottweiler Kennel. We are located right in the middle of Sacramento and San Francisco in Vacaville, California. My love for Rottweilers stared at a young age when I was introduced to the breed by a family friend who had two beautiful Rottweiler puppies. I knew at that point I would have my own Rottweiler puppy someday. Shortly after Brandi and I started our life together we purchased our first Rottweiler puppy from a Rottweiler breeder in Sacramento. Not long after that we purchased our second Rottweiler Puppy from a Rottweiler breeder in the Bay Area, Adara, would become our first show dog.  It was an activity that we could get involved with as a family. Our youngest son went to just about every rottweiler show with us and even began to handle his own Rottweiler in the show ring at an early age. Since we started breeding Rottweilers we have made it our goal to become the premier Rottweiler breeder in California. Our approach to breeding Rottweilers is simple, we breed to improve upon what we have, striving to produce exceptional Rottweiler puppies, not for the money. Over the years we've had many successes by producing not only Rottweiler puppies that have made great family pets but we have also produced many exceptional show dogs that have place 1st in a number of shows around the country.

Being a Rottweiler Breeder in Northern California comes with alot of responsibilities. As a Rottweiler breeder in California or anywhere else for that matter we must maintain the highest level of integrity and quality. This is done with tremendous care, after all, we are placing these wonderful puppies into your families home. Like most other breeds of dogs, Rottweiler puppies can grow up and be great family members or if not bred properly, trained correctly, and socialized starting at a very early age can be a headache nobody wants. Here at Van Dooren Rottweiler's we want to make sure as a responsible Rottweiler breeder that we are doing everything we can to insure our Rottweiler puppies are cared for correctly and socialized from the day they're whelped. Just as importantly we ensure  that we only breed Rottweiler adults with correct structure and more importantly correct temperaments to the German standard (FCI Standard). 75% of what the Rottweiler puppies learn in their first few weeks' comes from the mother.......if the mother does not have a correct temperament there is a good chance that can be passed along to the puppies. In addition, we make sure that all of our breeding females and stud dogs have passed their hip and elbow test with a grade of good or excellent.

Through the years we have been fortunate enough to have traveled to Europe to meet some of the top Rottweiler breeder's in the world. Back in 2012 during our second trip to Germany we had the opportunity to purchase pick of the litter from the Vom Schwaiger Rathaus Kennel which is owned by a true legend, Xaver Meixner. It was well worth the trip to be able pick our new Rottweiler puppy from Mr. Meixner. During our visit we met with some of top German Rottweiler breeders in the world. The hospitality that was shown to us was second to none. You can see the picture of my wife Brandi, Mr. Meixner, and I below with Annika Vom Schwaiger Rathaus, the Rottweiler puppy we picked up.

In our breeding program of these wonderful Rottweiler puppies we strive to produce Rottweiler puppies with wonderful temperaments, correct structure (FCI Standard), and that are show quality. Van Dooren Rottweiler's has made it a mission too only breed top quality dogs even if it means using a stud dog in another country. All our dogs are free of any health issues including hips and elbows and have placed 1st place in a Rottweiler show ring.

If you have any questions regarding our breeding program, our dogs, or about Rottweilers in general we would be more than happy to provide you with correct and accurate information.

Best Regards,

John Hulsey