Van Dooren's Ellie

(Sire: Lex Vom Haus Edelstein  /  Dam: Ira Haus of Lazic)

We have very high hopes for Van Dooren's Ellie over the next couple years. At only a little over a year old this young female Rottweiler has a temendious upside. Van Dooren's Ellie is very balanced in structure, she has great drive, and temperament. Ellie is one of the most complete Rottweilers we have seen over the last few years. We are planning on sending this young Rottweiler over to Europe to comete with the very best. I'm confident she will do great once her show career starts. 

Her pedigree speaks for it's self starting with her father, Lex Vom Haus Edelstein who was awarded the #1 producing Rottweiler in the world for 2016. In addition, her mother has produced multi Champions including one of the top 5 females in Europe, Aika Haus of Lazic. Ellie's pedigree is loaded with Champions including Burning Des Prince D'aragone who is the only male to win the title of World Champion twice. 

Van Dooren's Ellie Pedigree Link