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Import Rottweiler Puppies in Vacaville, CA

We often get inquiries on adult Rottweilers and if we will import Rottweiler puppies in Vacaville, CA, from Germany and or Europe in general. A lot of our clients want the experience of own a Rottweiler born in Germany/Europe. Some clients prefer a Rottweiler puppy while others may want to import an adult Rottweiler that may already have titles such conformation titles/champions or in some cases a working title such as Schutzhund / IPO titles. In either case, we have over the years partnered up with some of the top Rottweiler breeders all over the world. Having a relationship with breeders gives us the confidence that we will receive a quality puppy for import not just their "last pick". If you are thinking about importing a Rottweiler we can help you.

We also at times have an adult or young Rottweilers for sale. If you're looking to add an older Rottweiler to your home let us know. If we do not have one listed on this page we may have something coming up or know of another breeder who may have a Rottweiler available.

We Have a 3 1/2 year old male available!!

Falco Vom Boniak Rott

Link to Flaco's pedigree

This is a rare opportunity to own a proven stud dog with an exceptional pedigree. Falco Vom Boniak Rott was imported for a client who unfortunately had to step away from the deal after Falco was shipped. Falco is a strong male Rottweiler with excellent structure and a beautiful head type. Flaco has been shown in Europe and has placed 4th or better in every show including 5x 1st place. He is excellent around other female Rottweilers and people.

If you're looking to add a super stud dog to join the breeding program or just want to own a dog of this quality don't let this opportunity pass you up.

We are looking to find a new home that will require us to receive breedings back as part of the sale. If interested let us know. Serious inquires only