Quinceville Nikola 

AKA "Johnny"

Quinceville Nikola or as we call him, Johnny is an exceptional young male that we are proud to own. We thank Vojin of Kennel Quinceville Rottweiler's for given us an oppurtunity to own one of the best young males in the world. Quinceville Nikola is currently being trained and shown around the world  by our good friend Ivan from  Silver Fild Kennel. Ivan is well know all around the globe as being one of the best handler, trainer, breeder, and judge in the Rottweiler community. 

As you can see in the picture Quinceville Nikola has it all; Structure, dark eyes, pigmentation, beautiful head type, exceptional movement, temperament.......a complete Rottweiler!

Already befor the age of 2, Quinceville Nikola show results are outstanding. Here are some of the show results in the top 3 shows in the world:

2018 ADRK Winner Show (Germany)  he receives V-2 (2nd place)

2018 ADRK KS Show (Germany & largest Rottweiler show in the world) V-5 (5th place)

2018 IFR World Show (Argentina & 2nd Largest show) V-4 (4th place)

This is just to name the best of best shows. Nikola AKA Johnny has placed 1st in over 10 other shows accross Europe and is not yet in his prime.

Health clearances:

Hips -       HD-a (good)

Elbows - ED-o (Good)

Heart - Clear

JLPP - Clear (N/N)